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"'Estella Scrooge' breathes new life into Charles Dickens’ classic tale.


The two leads are especially striking: Wolfe makes Estella’s cold-to-warm arc believable, while Duncan is charming and captivating as the generous but firm hotelier who must save Harthouse. They convey their complicated history well and have palpable chemistry despite having to film their scenes in isolation.


The relationships are fleshed out and feel authentic. The plot stays true to Dickens and pays homage to its predecessor while offering some refreshing updates."


The world of “Estella” is inclusive. (The character of Smike, played by Em Grosland, announces his pronouns upon meeting Estella.) The message of caring about and for other people — especially those from more vulnerable communities — is vital today in a world that clearly is still learning to become more accepting of difference.  


With lots of references to Dickens’ other works, “Estella Scrooge” may delight fans of “A Christmas Carol” and also be novel enough for those who just want a HEARTWARMING HOLIDAY TALE.

Craig Nakano & Nikki Munoz, 

Los Angeles Times

"…the film works wonders visually under the pandemic-era restrictions that have made so many other productions resort to tedious Zoom boxes. 


Many of the songs in the show are lyrical or witty, lovely or lively – and delivered by a cast of pros who know what they’re doing."

Jonathan Mandell, New York Theater

"Estella Scrooge is a highly entertaining musical with a tuneful and memorable score and performed by an excellent cast which would be difficult to single out for their individual performances. Also one of the stars is the clever technology that sets the stage for the absorbing story-telling in this musical. Estella Scrooge is a wonderful alternative to the many Christmas television movies – with a lot more heart and far more entertaining."

Mark Kappel, NewsNotes Dance Blog

"Estella Scrooge is an ambitious and exciting production that, in technical terms, takes lockdown theatre far beyond anything that this critic has seen so far. Not only that, but the underlying script and score are both of the highest quality, making this hot favourite to become the best new online theatre presentation since physical venues first closed their doors last March."

-British Theatre Guide

Audience Reactions

"Casting was perfect - the leads were all appropriate for their parts, the voices were beautiful and blended well."

"Thank you for this treat! I am so missing live theater and through your fine creativity I felt I was front row center! Great performances and amazing technical miracles!"

"I watched Estella Scrooge and loved it. During a time of great difficulty for many of us, this lifted my spirits."

"I really enjoyed the show and am glad

I purchased it so I can watch it again and again."

"Some real singable songs - I look forward to getting the cast CD."

"Estella Scrooge is mind blowing. The innovative, creative mastery of a new production in the time of Covid is beyond measure. This would be a thoroughly enjoyable show on its own, but how you put it together deserves a standing ovation. Thank you so much for getting the new link. I am so lucky I got to see it. Bravo!"

"The script was beautifully written with tenderness and humor."

"The first streaming anything I’ve watched that managed to use the genre to create something new."

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