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25 roles played by 14 (or more) actors!

A new 2 act Holiday musical for your stage

Christmas is coming, and with it, a story quite... familial.


Estella Scrooge, as happened to her ancestor Ebenezer long ago, is haunted by three visitors – oh, and what uninvited house guests they are! This unique Dickens musical extravaganza is a modern retelling of A
Christmas Carol, brought to life as a lush new live stage musical.


From John Caird, Paul Gordon, Charles Dickens... Estella Scrooge is the holiday event of the season.

“Estella Scrooge Breathes New Life
into Charles Dickens’ Classic Tale”

“‘In 2020, an incredible production of the
show was digitally captured during the
pandemic, utilizing cutting-edge technology. "

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