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Estella Scrooge Affiliates

Are you a non-profit professional regional theatre, a presenting organization, a theatre training program, community theatre, or a high school drama booster club that has been affected by the pandemic?


Your Theatre Company Can Make Thousands of Dollars

This Holiday Season by Sharing this

Extraordinary New Musical Gift with Your Patrons!

NO Cash Outlay and MINIMAL Staff Effort

Become an affiliate today! Call (805) 667-2912, ext. 224 or e-mail


The Broadway producers of Estella Scrooge understand that the health of the regional theatre is important to the cultural, education and economic life of communities across the nation. They want to help, and have devised a way to provide you with a professional, innovative, high-quality digital experience for your patrons that will bring in money to the theatre with no risks.

What You Get and Why It’s Valuable During This Time


  • Guaranteed Quality. Tony and Olivier Award-Winner John Caird and Tony nominee Paul Gordon are two of the most respected artists in the theatre and music industries. And the cast features some of Broadway’s top talents. The producing team are likewise veterans of Broadway and the West End and have put their own resources, and those of their investors, into creating new and inventive ways to safely share stories. For bios, click [here].


  • No Cash Outlay. You can offer Estella Scrooge without any cash outlay to your organization. This is a safe way to offer high-quality, innovative holiday entertainment for the whole family without having to pay for the artist fees, sets, costumes, rehearsal time, etc. These costs are all covered by the producers.


  • Minimal Staff Time. Once you sign our agreement, you receive downloadable materials that make marketing a snap for limited staff in the time. We include sample e-blasts, layered files with approved logos, show blurbs, press language, social media templates, photos and more. And our Theatre Ambassador is readily available for quick sign-off and to help brainstorm ideas and interview opportunities that may be specific to your area.


  • A Positive Reason to Stay in Touch. During COVID-19, when most theatre venues are closed, or open on a very limited basis, this premiere offers a special opportunity to reach out to patrons and provide something tangible and exciting.


  • Direct Donation. You will receive a check by January 15 representing 30% of the sales to your organization from Estella Scrooge LLC.


  • A Show About Giving During the Season of Giving. Right now, many theatre administrators feel like they are constantly reaching out to their customers for support just to get through the pandemic. December is statistically the month of the year when most donations are made. This show is a testament to Dicken’s belief in the power of human kindness and a reminder of the joys of giving to organizations that we cherish.


What are the Price Points?


  • Regular Single Household - $29.99

  • VIP Premium Theatre Experience $49.99 (The Perfect Holiday Gift! Access to the Digital Download to Watch Season-after-Season, A Voucher to Download the Music CD, and Access to Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Footage)



Here’s How It Works – Easy!


  • Contact our Theatre Ambassador at Rubicon, where the show was originally developed:

Karyl Lynn Burns (KLB)

805.667.2912, ext. 224 or 805.407.7797

  • KLB sends you an information sheet and you and we sign a simple, short agreement.

  • We provide you with downloadable files that will give you the following:

    • Sample marketing materials and copy for website and social media

    • Press release template

    • Link for your customers that is exclusive to your company for your patrons that takes you to a landing page on Ticketmaster that only has your packages and prices available.

    • Coupon code for $5 off for a 72-hour sale to help jumpstart interest.

  • You create an e-blast and send your materials to KLB for sign-off before they go out.

  • We stay in touch to see how we can help, offering promotional ideas, updates and short videos

  • Ticketmaster and Streaming Musicals take care of the fulfillment and send information directly to the customers about how to watch the show. (We also provide you with FAQ for customers to put on your website if you wish.)

  • At the conclusion of the virtual “run” we process a donation to you from WitzEnd and Streaming Musicals for 30% of the ticket price, along with a report with the e-mails of those who responded/purchased.


Become an affiliate today! Call (805) 667-2912, ext. 224 or e-mail

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